The Electro Homeopathy is a quite harmless,unique,natural and system of medicine.Dr.Count Ceasre Mattei of Rochetta,Bologna,Italy has invented it on about 1865.This System of medicine is based on the principles of "The Human Organization is entirely composed of two elementary liquids:Lymph & Blood and the health and diseases are depend on the such liquis."
        The electricity has been observed in all the living beings including plants.It is proved that no cell,no tissue,no organ and/or a body could possibly manifest it's legitimate function without electrical energy.It is a fundamental and basic principle of the science that the manufacture, transmission,utilization and discharge of electrical energy of living cells is responsible for metabolism of the body and also give us a rational explanation for all the phenomena of life,health,diseases and therapeutics.The Electro Homeopathic Medicines generate and regenerate greater power restoring functional capacity and arresting organic changes than all the drugs mentioned in other pharmacopoeia.

        Mattei had written his first book in 1874 in Italian language, which was then published in other languages. When the Count Mattei aged in 1887 he had handed over all his work to his adopted son Mario Venturoli. Mattei has applied himself in his lifetime to the discovery of Materia Medica capable of modifying; not only the manifestation or symptoms of disease, but also their principle, or to speak better their first cause. It is by means of a theory the simple, with curative agents which he called Electricity in the remedies (Electro-Homoeopathy), so elementary that everyone may cure himself and his medicine is certainly the medicine of the future.
        He believed in the famous Paracelsus who introduced law of similar. Thus convinced simultaneously of their immense utility and of their perfectly innocuous character, the Count has applied to them with all confidence to all of the human beings. Further, in order to observe closely in numerable cases of disease, and the better to study the effect of these remedies, he held in his mention at Bologna, for more than ten years, public and private consultations in the presence of physician and surgeons who had attached themselves to him the purpose of being present at the sitting. It may be added of high person ages of all nations, physicians and even large medical bodies.

He died on 3rd of April 1896 at the magnificent castle of La Rochetta, situated in the heart of the Apennines. If there are but few honest hearts in this world, there is still enough remaining to bless his memory.