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                                                              What is Electro Homeopathy

Electro Homeopathic is the most efficacious of all other system of treatment.It is up to date harmless,natural, scientific & perfect system of Present ERA continuing od forces of plants Which are derived under a special process organs of digestion.They tone-up the brain an nerves by which the bodily process are controlled & strengthen the corpuscles of the blood.They furnish useful elements to the plasma of the blood and they provide nutrient for the cells of which the tissues are built.


Electro Homeopathic is composed of the three words Electro-Homeo and Pathy having following explanation:-
The prefix Electro is used to indicate Bio-energy,which is present in plant process sap,used as medicines.During the process of photosynthesis all the entire natural forces in the form of Odic force and capture in the plants are stored as potential energy.During the process of Chohobation they are dissolved into spagiric essence and stored there, as potential energy too. When they are used as medicines and introduced into the body they different organs or systems through the proper circulation of blood and lymph and changes into kinetic energy and as it keep the body fluids into equilibrium by maintaining Homeostasis and keep the body healthy and fit.
The prefix Homeo indicates the term Homeostasis that deals with the physical and chemical consistancy of the cells or the harmonious relation between blood and lymph to maintain the optimum human performance.It balance and controls the normal life process of the organism by its external factors.The deviation in Lymph or blood,which causes breakdown of the steady state of equilibrium between physical and chemical parts of the body,is termed and disease.When medicines are applied internally they maintain Homeostasis and bring the body into healthy state by means of physical and chemical consistancy of the living cells.
The mode of treatment by definite laws and principle.

                                                              Advantages of Electro Homeopathy

The treatment in Electro Homeopathic is based on blood and lymph.In every human being, all the tissue and organs contain blood and lymph.Both blood lymph are active substance in the human body and if there is any impurity due to any of them that will result in a disease.There is no chance of adverse side effect of the Electro Homeopathic medicines and this treatment is most superior and advanced than any other system of treatment prevailing at present.

                                                              Principles of Electro Homeopathy

Main Principles of Electro Homeopathic is Vitiation of Blood & lymph."Therefore selection of remedies of rational and are applied or used according to the law of polarity.The principle propagated by Dr.Mattei that the electricity (Bio Energy) remains equilibrium among the different electrical potential thus the disturbance.On the equilibrium result in the manifestation of disease, The Electro Homeopathic generate & regenerate grater power and restore the function capacity of the organs and arresting the organic changes manifesting the equilibrium again.The Electricity have been observed in all living beings includings plants.It is proved that no cell, No organ or body could possibly manifest its legitimate function without electrical energy.It is fundamental and basic principle of the science that the manufacture ,transmission, utilization and discharge of bio Energy of living cells is responsible for metabolism of the body and also give us a rational explanation for all the phenomena of life,health disease and therapeutics.

                                                               Electro Homeopathy in India

The History of this effective and qualitative medical system date back since 1865.But the followers of this pathy were limited in Western Countries only.Publicity and extension of Electro Homeopathy was running Continuously but After 19th Century the doctors of Meddle Asia adopted this pathy after observing the quality of this system of medicine They tried to popularise and extent this pathy.This pathy come in india in the year 1880.

The Medicine of this pathy being suitable to india climate, it provides useful knowledge for Indian. In 1953, first of India put the proposal before U.P.Govt.for the popularisation and extension of this pathy.All the records of this pathy and also medicine,was presented on the table of Dr.T.N.Mahendra,Secretary of Medical Department of Uttar Pradesh at time vide letter No. 227 (L) dated March 1953 In this regard, the present goverment has given surety for recognition of Electro Homeopathy only when its usefulness and efficiency are provided in this day to come for its use after seeing the positive results of this system of medicine.After continuous publicity and the positive result of this system of medicine for more than hundred years even than the government neglected recognition of this pathy.One of the physician of this system.The arrival if a young man who was physician of Electro Homeopathy popularised this system and brought a new awareness about this system of medicine to the public in whole of the country.

Dr, V.Kumar chairman : Mattei Group, whose enthusiastic efforts,zeal & devotion to this system of medicine made possible to reach at the grassroots level and also up to the political level. He thought that for the progress of this science, a platform was needed to jump where it may become possible to advance the cause of Electro Homeopathy.Therfore at first stage Dr.Pralayankar has established & Dr.V.Kumar Promoted the " Indian Electro Homeopathic Medical Council,New Delhi."

The council is regularly conducted annual Examination of various Electro Homeopathic courses for the betterment of the system & for the qualified Doctors of this system they are working for the poor mass of various portion of the country.This council is conducting Seminars,conferences,get together convocation and free aid camp in various portion of the country by the independent all india based regd. Organization named the Electro Homeopathic Medical practitioners Association of India.Upto 2000 this council Registar a serial of practitioners of this system is crossing the strength of more than twenty thousand and some other bodies are also working all over India more than two lakh practitioners are practicing through this system and servicing to rural india.We have the humble demand from the govt. of India that please allow us for the Rural Health programme through this system.If the the Goverment recogniozes this system and this council there no any financial burden on the Goverment but this body automatically maintain it."

This body has estd.a research institute named "All India Research Institute of Electro-Homeopathy and Alternative Medical Sciences" at Kanpur.This body is doing new Research in the system through Plant Kingdom.This body is also doing the work for recognition under the banner of "All India E.H.P.Recognition ,Action Committee" it The Goverment recognizes this work.The object of recognition will be fulfilled.

This council is conducting 108 E.H.P.Colleges/Institutes and Training Centre in All over india with its dispensaries and hospitals.The various certificate ,diploma and P.G level courses conducted by the college/Institute and its name are follows:C.E.H.P.one year,C.E.M.S.two year ,D.E.M.S.(Diploma in Electro-Homeopathy Medical System).The eligibility of this course is who have passed the Intermediate(PCB) from the State Board of High School and Intermediate Education or C.B.S.E.Its duration is three years.B.E.M.S One more years after the qualifying D.E.M.S (Part time certificate course)This is four year part time course.M.D.E.H.(Doctor of Medicine in Electro-Homeopathy).The eligibility of this course who have passed B.E.M.S. or any other examination equivalent there to.Its duration of maximum two years part time course.